“The first time I heard Nicolás Silva Apiolaza, I was completely amazed by his immaculate sound and musical imagination. He is not only a very refined solo guitarist but also a generous chamber music partner whom I had the privilege to play with in a guitar quartet. It was a great experience to work with such an amazing musician!”

João Carlos VictorBrazilian guitarist

“Nicolás Silva Apiolaza is a guitarist of tremendous musical gravity and his play is equally colorful as virtuoso. As a teacher, he is dedicated and enthusiastic.”

Markus LohmeierGuitar student at the Nuremberg University of Music

“I am sure that Nicolás will be one of the big names of classical guitar. To me, it is always a great joy to play alongside him, not just because of his musical talent but also because of the person he is.”

Paulo MorelloGermany

“Nicolás is a great inspiration to me, not only as a guitarist and artist but also as a person. Due to my private lessons under his guidance, my musical abilities were able to progress much further than with my lessons at the University of Music. In the past two years, he has shaped my musical progress considerably.”

Thomas BeerGuitar student at the Nuremberg University of Music.

“Nicolás Silva is an artist who stands for art of high quality. Over the years, I was able to witness his unique musical development, during which he was able to acquire a unique power of musical persuasion. I admire his professional work as much as his expressive contribution which is part of his nature and natural talent. A true artist at heart!”

Luis OrlandiniProfesor de Guitarra, Universidad de Chile

“For his last piece, Silva played the “Tonada por Despedida” of his fellow-country men Juan Antonio Sánchez. He was able to convey both, the composition’s pain of despair and joy of hope, marvelously.”

Udo GüldnerForchheimer Nachrichten

“Choosing his first piece to be from the Austrian composer Johann Kaspar Mertz, Nicolás Silva’s performance created tremendous enthusiasm. Silva performed the elegy with a high dose of emotion, heart and soul.”

Alexander HitschfelForchheimer Nachrichten

“Nicolás Silva’s passion playing “La mia Barbara” created an unique atmosphere in the Rathaussaal and particularly during his second piece, the “Fantasía Sevillana Op. 29”, he demonstrated brilliantly the variety of sounds that can be produced using a guitar.”

Astrid SchüttingerNordbayerische Nachrichten